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Regulation and Legislation

Legislative developments need to continue to align with advancements
in technology and effectively address challenges and opportunities
resulting from the use of technology. Regardless of the industry, statutes
and policies form the framework required for each sector to be productive
and effective within the context of digitalisation. Such efforts entail ongoing
multi-disciplinary input involving various stakeholders.


A sustainable digital economy entirely depends on the ongoing
development of digital infrastructures at both a national and
governmental level. Both MCA and MITA play a critical role in ensuring the
availability of these digital infrastructures.


Financial support within the field of digital technologies, through local
and EU funds, can range from the provision of assistance to entities
conducting R&D to help businesses implement digital transformation.
Such funding prospects present an opportunity for the digital economy to
grow and, ultimately, for the national economy to reap benefits from the
investments made.



The increased reliance on technology brought about by a
digital economy will inevitably result in increased cyber risks, the
implications of which can be economically disruptive, resulting in
the need to consider cybersecurity both holistically and in-depth.


The management of existing and newly created data is at the
core of any digital solution and transformation process. In fact,
the ultimate success of any digital transformation demands an
understanding of data enabled through effective data quality and
governance initiatives.


The pace of technology adoption has profoundly impacted the
labour market and the type of skills needed in the economy and
society. eSkills are thus becoming a necessity both at a basic level
for all of society as well as for most occupations, both now and
increasingly in the future.

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